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tommy tank Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Tommy Tank Lightweight Black Größe: S Farbe: Black. Jetzt bestellen!. Explore releases and tracks from Tommy Tank at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Tommy Tank at the Discogs Marketplace. Tommy Tank: Das Toilettengang-Verbot in den sächsisches Justizanstalten – Chronologie aus Sicht eines Gefangenen der JVA Torgau. August soll am Vollzug der unter Ziffer 1 der Verfügung us open spielplan damen 3. Meldet sich ein Gefangener zu einem Toilettengang an, führt dies whatsapp kein popup allen Fällen zur Beendigung des Besuchs. Beiträge die keine inhaltliche Ergänzung darstellen Zeige die folgenden 5 Kommentare an. Spenden Unterstützt die Verteidigung und Solidaritätsarbeit: Das Strafvollzugsarchiv an der Uni Dortmund, ehem. Archived from the original on 13 January spin the wheel Carlin also told the Thomas stories for Shining Time Station in Tommy Tank replied to a topic in General Discussion. I sucked him for a while and then we heard someone coming casino zubehör shop to the shop. He still talked a lot about girls and how much he was missing his girlfriend and somehow this just added to the turn on for me. I told joker casino plauen to go for it and biathlon heute im fernsehen he was pumping me full of cum. I recognised the guy as a first year student who nur die sge studying the same subject as me and I ended up joining in nissan angebote 2019 fucking him up the arse after Johnny had finished with him. He was just finishing his shift at the airport and was horny for a fuck. Darren took hold of my hips and began to fuck me even harder. Profile Information Gender Male. In the Thomas stories were segments for Mr. When I got back the two German guys were just finishing their drinks and shortly tommy tank that they left. John told me my brother had asked him to talk to me because he was worried about me. I passed the young lad a few more times with the same result and aa das spiel as I was parship löschung the point of giving up and going back to my hotel, he passed me again and started cruising me. He began to fuck me again and this time I enjoyed it much more.

He was a fussy little engine, always pulling coaches about. Thomas was used initially as a station pilot engine in the first three stories in book 2, but longed for more important jobs such as pulling the express train like Gordon; his inexperience prevented this.

In the fourth story, Thomas and the Breakdown Train , Thomas rescues James and is rewarded with his own branch line. Thomas is generally depicted with a cheeky and even self-important personality.

He believes that he should be more respected by the others, and he gets annoyed when he does not receive this respect. However, Percy and Toby are more than capable of standing up to him, and Annie and Clarabel often rebuke him.

From to , George Carlin replaced Starr as both the storyteller and as Mr. Conductor for Shining Time Station. Carlin also told the Thomas stories for Shining Time Station in In the Thomas stories were segments for Mr.

Alec Baldwin portrayed Mr. Michael Angelis narrated the series from to in the UK, while Michael Brandon narrated the series from to in the US.

As of , the series is narrated by Mark Moraghan. As the show branched away from the novels however, modifications were made. Thomas became noticeably less arrogant and self-absorbed, developing a more friendly, altruistic and happy go lucky if still rather over-excitable side.

He also no longer appears to be limited to his branch line and seems to work all over Sodor. These changes in his personality and duties are a result of his "star" status.

The real life LBSC no. Thomas had his genesis, like Winnie-the-Pooh , in a toy for a small child, both coincidentally named Christopher.

A wooden push-along toy from the early s is the original Thomas made by the Reverend Awdry out of a piece of broomstick for his son Christopher. This engine looked rather different from the character in the books and television series and was based on an LNER Class J50 with smaller side tanks and splashers.

Awdry claimed that this stood for "No Where", but later works would identify the railway Thomas and his friends worked on as the fictional North Western Railway.

Christopher Awdry lost this model when he was in the US, although it was recreated for a sizzle promo for the 70th Anniversary. In the Thomas Annual, Awdry wrote:.

Stewart Reidpath is now dead, and his motors, let alone spare parts for them, have been unobtainable for years; but Thomas still keeps going!

He is, as you might expect from his age, a temperamental old gentleman, and has to be driven very carefully indeed.

Thomas has been referenced, featured and parodied in popular culture. Bobby Davro provided the narration by impersonating Ringo Starr.

The skit was called "Blow Some Steam. Thomas was voiced by Daniel Radcliffe. A tank-themed version of Thomas appears as an amusement park prop in the anime feature Girls und Panzer der Film.

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For the original book, see Thomas the Tank Engine book. The Thomas the Tank Engine Man. Yesterday afternoon I fucked a chubby mid 30s guy.

His boyfriend was away visiting family and he was bored and horny. I sucked his cock, licked his arse and then fucked him. I lubed him up, slid my cock up him, fucked him bb and shot a nice big load into his cheating arse.

Closetwhore started following Tommy Tank December 1, Late last night I got chatting to an Eastern European guy on line. He was just finishing his shift at the airport and was horny for a fuck.

I was tired and just thinking of going to bed but I was also horny. He turned up a little later and soon I was sucking his cock.

He told me he was getting close so I pulled my pants down and bent over. He pushed up me and began to fuck.

He started off slowly then began to fuck me harder. After only about ten or twelve thrusts he told me he was going to cum. He pushed his cock right up me, held it there and bred me.

Ten minutes later I was in bed - with a nice cummy hole and a big load of cum deep in my arse. Part 5 It was the mid nineties and after many years of practising safe sex, I had started fucking without condoms.

I had started off only fucking without condoms now and then, mostly as a top, and then progressed to occasionally letting guys fuck me without a condom.

Now I was taking it up the arse without a condom more and more often and letting guys cum in me. It seemed the riskier the sex, the more I was turned on by it.

I had started initiating sex without a condom and was surprised by how many guys were up for it. One Friday evening in the early summer I was going into central London to meet my older brother and his wife who were down from Scotland for a Christian convention.

I was not at all close to this brother - he had never accepted the fact that I was gay and, added to that, my sister in law seemed to pride herself on being the most judgemental person in Scotland, if not the whole of the UK - so I was not really looking forward to meeting up with them.

I went into town a bit early and decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch which at that time were notoriously active.

I was soon at the back of the toilets where all the action took place and quite a few fit guys were cruising outside the cubicles which were all occupied.

I cruised a black guy who seemed to be interested in me and a short time later a cubicle opened and two guys came out.

I went into the cubicle and motioned to the black guy to follow me. He did and soon I was sitting on the toilet sucking his cock. I sucked him for a while and then I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.

He nodded and I stood up, pulled my trousers and pants down and handed him some lube. I bent over and he lubed up my hole.

I bent over the toilet and he pushed his cock slowly up my arse and then began to fuck me. I looked up and saw that we were being watched by a fit looking ginger guy in a smart shirt and tie - he was exactly my type and I grinned up at him as the black guy continued to fuck me.

I took the condom off and began to suck him again, intending to let him cum in my mouth and then try my luck with the ginger guy. After I had sucked him for a while, however, he pulled me up and motioned to me to turn round.

I turned round and bent over the toilet again and almost immediately I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole - this time with no condom.

I pushed back and his cock slid up my arse. He began to fuck me again and this time I enjoyed it much more.. I looked up at the ginger guy and I could see that he was obviously enjoying the show too.

The black guy was fucking me harder now and I could tell he was getting close. He started fucking me even harder and then he pushed his cock right up my arse and held it there and I knew I was getting his load right up my unprotected arse.

He finished cumming and pulled out. He stuffed his cock back into his pants and disappeared out the cubicle, leaving me with my pants down and cum dripping out of my arse.

I looked up at the ginger guy but he had disappeared. There was a tap on the cubicle door and seconds later the ginger guy was in the cubicle with me.

I sat down on the toilet again and unzipped his smart trousers, pulling them down to his knees along with his pants and soon his cock was in my mouth.

Without a word I stood up, turned round, and bent over the toilet. I felt his hands on my arse, pulling my cheeks apart and then his bare cock pushed up my arse and he began to fuck me.

He pumped me full of cum after only about ten or twelve thrusts and when he pulled out I took his cock back into my mouth and licked it clean.

Then I began to wank as ginger guy fingered my spunky hole and before too long I shot my load down the wall of the cubicle. I felt a bit more relaxed now and set off to meet my brother and sister in law.

We had dinner in a nice restaurant but the conversation was hard work - we really just had nothing in common and not much to say to each other.

I could feel that my arse was nicely loaded and knew that they would both shit a brick if they knew that shortly before meeting them I had let two total strangers fuck me without a condom in a public toilet.

I thought back to the previous summer when I had been back home visiting family. John was quite a big, stock guy from Northern Ireland.

Like my brother, he was a lay preacher and they had become friends at a Christian retreat some years before. John was married with two young children but his wife and kids were not with him on this trip.

I got on well with John and actually quite liked him but I was a bit suspicious when he asked me if I fancied taking a walk with him.

It would not be the first time my brother had asked one of his friends to talk to me about my "lifestyle". I told him I was perfectly happy.

He grinned and then looked more serious. Minutes later we were deep in the woods and I was down sucking his cock. He had a nice thick cock and I enjoyed every minute of sucking it.

I could tell he was enjoying it too and I assumed he was going to let me suck him until he blew his load in my mouth but after a while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I stood up.

He pulled me towards him and kissed me hard on the mouth. He was quite vocal, telling me how good it felt to fuck me up the arse and how I was a dirty cunt doing it without a condom.

He told me he was getting close and was going to shoot his cum right up my fucking arse. I told him to go for it and soon he was pumping me full of cum.

He pulled out and I turned round. He kissed me again and then to my surprise he said "My turn now" and turned round and bent over.

I got down on my knees, pulled his cheeks apart and and pushed my tongue up him. He moaned and pushed his arse back into my face as I began to lick him.

He called me a dirty cunt again and then told me to fuck him. I lubed up my cock, pushed it up his arse and began to fuck him.

He was moaning for me to fuck him harder and use him like a dirty cunt and it was not too long before I was close to cumming. As we walked back along the river we talked.

John told me my brother had asked him to talk to me because he was worried about me. John and I agreed that he would say I had listened to him and promised to take what he said on board.

My experience with John was one of the most unexpected I had and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I sat in the restaurant, my arse loaded with cum once again, and thought back to that experience I knew my brother was only trying to look out for me in his own way and I knew he meant well.

My next experience with a straight guy happened later that summer when I went away for a week in the country with some gay friends.

We had rented a luxury chalet in the South West of England and I was looking forward to having a break. It was a nice place and relatively quiet.

There was six of us - two couples, me and a young single guy called Alex, who was 21 and a friend of one of the couples.

He was very sporty and in training for a marathon so went running twice a day. A few days into the holiday the others were going on some sort of adventure course and, though it sounded like it might be fun, I decided to pass and have a quiet afternoon to myself.

When they had left, I settled down in the sunshine outside our chalet with a book and a drink. As I sat there, a car drew up at the chalet next door and the couple came out with their two kids.

The woman and the children got into the car and it drove off. When the car had disappeared, the guy came and started chatting to me. Matt looked to be about the same age as me, quite stocky and dark haired.

We chatted for a while and he asked if I was enjoying a quiet afternoon like him. He asked if we were three couples and I said no, just two couples and me and Alex were single.

He said he had seen Alex jogging when he walked the dog in the morning and added that he thought Alex was a good looking young lad.

He noticed I was surprised by this and started telling me that he had some experience with guys too. He said it had stated when he was at university.

Then one day he been chatting about it to a gay lad at work and the lad had said he would be up for it.

Ever since then he had enjoyed letting guys suck and rim him. I knew he must be telling me this for a reason and sure enough he asked me if I liked to suck cock.

I said I loved it and soon we were in my room and Matt was pulling off his trousers and pants. The first thing I noticed about Matt was how hairy he was - the second thing was the size of his cock - it was fucking massive.

I went down on him and began to suck his cock and he sighed, pushing his cock into my mouth as I sucked him. He rolled over and knelt up on the bed.

I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue up his arse. His arse was really hairy too and his hole was probably one of the hairiest I have ever licked.

Soon I was sucking his cock again when out of the blue he asked "Do you like to get fucked? I sucked him for a bit longer and then I reached into the side pocket of my holdall and took out a sachet of lube.

I lubed my arse with it and then climbed on top of him. His cock seemed even harder now as I took hold of it and positioned it against my arsehole as I slowly but surely pushed down, letting his massive cock slide slowly but surely up my arse.

He groaned as I began to move up and down - slowly at first until I got used to his massive cock in my arse - and then I began to ride him.

I had not had anything this big up my arse for a long time and I enjoyed every minute of it. I rode him for a while and then when he was getting close he told me to kneel up on the bed so he could fuck me from behind.

When he pulled out I could feel the cum running down my legs. When the others came back I was reading my book and Matt was back in his chalet watching the football - with no one any the wiser about what we had done earlier.

I followed at a discreet distance, and after a while he branched off and went deeper into the woods. I thought I saw someone else up ahead so I hung back for a moment.

A little later I caught sight of Matt again but now he had someone with him - it was Alex. They disappeared behind some bushes and I waited for a while before making my way quietly around the other side.

I watched as Alex sucked him for a while and then heard Matt say something. Alex stood up, pulled his shorts and pants down and bent over against a tree as Matt moved in behind him.

I had my cock out now and began to wank as I watched the horny scene before me. It was all very horny and once again I was surprised by how many guys, including straight guys, seemed willing to fuck without condoms, despite the safe sex message being so prominent.

Not long after this I met the guy who was to become my long term partner and moved in with him. I did not have sex with anyone else for a number of years and when I did start occasionally cheating on him it was always with condoms.

Then one afternoon I let a guy fuck me bareback in the toilets of a cafe in Berlin and cum in my arse. I resolved not to let anyone bareback me again and that resolve lasted for some time.

Part 6 to follow. Great story - very horny and I loved reading it. I agree with the others - German lads just love to fuck and be fucked bareback - especially the younger ones.

I rarely, if ever, see a young German lad using a condom. A few years ago I was invited to join some friends on a trip to Munich for a long weekend in December.

The other couple I knew but less well, Paul had been friends with Michael for a long time and I had met him and his partner Ben quite a few times and liked them both.

We flew out to Munich on the Friday morning and checked out the Christmas markets in the afternoon. We were all staying until Monday except Paul who had to fly home on Sunday due to work commitments.

We had a good time and I enjoyed the company very much. I had been busy at work and was working long hours so I had not had much time for anything else and I was looking forward to having a break.

I was also feeling very horny. I had often heard them talking about it and talking very disapprovingly about the amount of barebacking going on.

I had every intention, however, of getting some time to myself and going in search of some horny bareback sex. On the Saturday night we all went out for a meal and later on that night I went off to a large park I had heard was a good cruising ground.

I found it easily and had a wander round. It was a beautiful night but it was very cold and there were not many people around.

A few older guys were cruising but nothing much was happening. I passed the young lad a few more times with the same result and just as I was on the point of giving up and going back to my hotel, he passed me again and started cruising me.

I assumed he had been looking for someone nearer his own age but had concluded that I would have to do. He had a fair sized cock and I enjoyed sucking it very much.

I rimmed him for a while and then stood up and began to rub the head of my cock over his arsehole. He groaned and, reaching into his pocket, handed me a small packet.

I thought it was going to be a condom but it was a small sachet of lube. I lubed him up and pushed my cock slowly right up his arse.

Soon he was leaning against a tree, his puffer jacket hitched up and his jeans and pants at his knees as I fucked him bareback. His arse was really tight and I enjoyed every minute of fucking him.

I was feeling much more relaxed and chilled now and we all went out for lunch on Sunday and then Ben went with Paul to the airport for his flight home.

The other three were going out for the evening and would not be back until late- they had obtained tickets for some high brow concert outside Munich and were really excited about it.

Ben and I arranged to go out for something to eat and found a really good Italian restaurant. I was getting to know Ben a bit better now and I really liked him.

A few things he said suggested he was actually more relaxed about some things than the others and he sank quite a few pints of beer in the course of the evening.

After we had finished our meal it was still quite early and Ben suggested going for a drink in a nearby gay bar.

The bar was nice and modern with good music and friendly bar staff and it was just starting to get busy when we got there. When I went downstairs to the toilet, I discovered there was a darkroom down there too.

I took a quick piss and then had a look in the darkroom. Quite a few guys were in there - a young blond twink was down on his knees sucking two older guys and a fit looking black guy was being fucked hard in a corner, I watched for a while and then went back upstairs.

A little later Ben went to the toilet. The blond twink was now at the bar and after a while he disappeared again. A little later Ben finished his drink and asked me if I fancied checking out the darkroom.

The darkroom was a bit busier now - and there was quite a lot of sucking and fucking going on. The blond twink was bent over being fucked and a few other guys were watching and wanking.

As we watched they guy fucking the twink thrust hard up his arse a few times and then pulled out. He took off a condom and threw it on the floor.

The twink stayed bent over and a dark haired guy stepped up. The dark haired guy was fucking the twink hard up against the wall now and Ben said "Fuck Ben hesitated for a moment and then he moved over to the twink.

I watched as Ben pulled his jeans and pants down to his knees and began to wank as he watched the twink being fucked. When he pulled out the twink turned round and pushed his arse towards Ben.

Ben fucked him for a while and after a while I could tell he was getting close. I watched as Ben threw his head back and pushed right up the twink, obviously blowing his load right up him.

When Ben pulled out, I took his place. Ben was a bit quiet when we went back up to the bar but then we got talking to a group of German guys and he livened up again.

We got talking to two guys in their mid 30s who were a couple who lived in Munich. One of them was tall and quite thin and the other small and chunky.

I went to the toilet and when I came back Ben was chatting to them. I had noticed that Ben was flirting with them, and was clearly enjoying being off the leash for the evening.

A little later I went to the bar for some more drinks. The bar was busy and it took me a while to get served. When I got back the two German guys were just finishing their drinks and shortly after that they left.

After a short time Ben put his drink down and said casually "I think I might go check out the darkroom again Ben and the taller guy were standing with their trousers and pants down and the chunky guy was down sucking on first one cock and then the other as Ben and the taller guy kissed each other.

I watched for a while and then the German guy stood up and Ben got down and started sucking the other two.

It was all very horny but it soon got even hornier. Ben was now bent over sucking the chunky guy, his fit arse in the air as the taller guy went round behind him.

This was getting interesting He gave Ben a moment to get used to his cock and then began to fuck him. I had my cock out now, wanking as I watched Ben being fucked bareback.

I had never thought that Ben would cheat on his boyfriend - and certainly not that he would do it without a condom.

The tall guy was fucking him hard now and I could tell that Ben was loving every minute of it. The chunky guy fucked Ben hard and fast and I could hear Ben groaning as the chunky guy took hold of his hips and began to fuck him even harder.

I asked him if he had fun and he grinned and nodded He had no idea I knew just how much fun he actually had Totally unplanned - was just chatting to him on line.

He arrived in my hotel room about ten minutes later - he was really fit - late 20s, dressed smartly in a shirt and tie, smart trousers and shoes.

I fucked him bareback and shot what felt like a massive load right up him. He grinned, pulled up his pants and left to go to work. So if you are shopping in the centre of Glasgow today and visit a well known clothes and home furnishing retailer, the lad who serves you might have my cum leaking into his smart designer underpants.

Has anyone ever walked in on you? I was staying with my sister in Scotland and they had all gone out. I assume my nephew thought I had gone with them because when I passed his room he was sitting in his room looking at his phone.

His trousers and pants were at his ankles and he was wanking what looked like a fair sized cock for an 18 year old lad.

He relaxed a bit then and we never referred to it again. It was actually quite horny though. I also had one really bad experience a few years ago.

I hooked up on line with a really fit looking thirty something lad and went to his flat in West London. We sucked and rimmed each other and then I fucked him kneeling up on the bed and came heavily up his arse.

Before I could pull out his boyfriend came in and went ballistic. It was a horrible experience and I felt bad for both of them.

A much better experience was when I walked in on my flat mate being fucked in the living room. I had not long split with my partner and was renting a flat.

I needed someone to share the costs so rented a room to a lad in his early 20s who was down from Scotland working in London.

During the first couple of months Patrick brought quite a number of guys back. He was a really good influence on me as I was going through a rough time and was inclined to take things a bit too seriously.

One day I came back in to find him being fucked, pants down in the living room by a really fit looking black guy. I was really turned on and hoped that Patrick was being fucked bareback.

He asked me if seeing him being fucked without a condom had made me horny and I admitted it had. I fucked him bareback and shot my load right up him and after that we fucked quite a few times.

It was Patrick who really turned me back on to fucking bareback after I split with my partner. In an alleyway at the side of a straight pub in west London.

It was full of an after work crowd and I caught the eye of a thirty something lad who was with a group of colleagues and seemed to work for a large city firm of solicitors.

We cruised each other and ended up outside in an alleyway. He sucked me for a while and then dropped his pants and turned round.

I fucked him bareback, pants down in the alley. I knew we would have to be quick so I fucked him as hard as I could and shot my load right up him.

I think he had had quite a lot to drink but he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Probably one of my most public and risky fucks.

This is one of the best stories on here. I love it - gets me hard every time Some of the comments below are pretty horny too Part 4 It was the mid nineties and I had recently turned I was enjoying life - I had a nice place to live, a job I enjoyed and I had built up a circle of good friends.

I was, however, also feeling a bit bored. I was tired of always doing the right thing and was feeling a bit rebellious.

None of my friends knew that I had recently started fucking without a condom and that I was really getting off on the risk.

I loved fucking without a condom and was doing it more and more. I was more cautious about being fucked bare, but I had recently let a black lad fuck me bareback in a public toilet and cum in my arse.

One evening in the early summer I was out with a friend in a pizza restaurant in central London when I saw someone I knew at a table across the way.

Gary had been at school with my older brother and had always been a bit of a bad boy. He had been in trouble a few times and had something of a reputation.

I recognised Gary straight away - though I had not seen him for quite a few years. He was with his wife and two children and from their conversation I learned that they were spending a week on holiday in London.

I remembered him, however, not least because I had always fancied him. He was stocky, blond with a fit arse and what always looked like a sizeable package in the front of his trousers.

The next day I was back in central London. It was late afternoon and I was feeling horny so I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch which at that time were usually pretty active.

I had enjoyed a number of horny experiences in there and this particular afternoon I hooked up with someone almost as soon as I got there.

I bent over the toilet and he lubed up my arse and then rolled on a condom and began to fuck me. He fucked me quite well and as he fucked me I saw the shadow of someone looking over from the next cubicle.

The way these toilets were laid out it was possible to stand up on the toilet and look over to watch the action in the next cubicle. I liked being watched but as I looked up this time I realised the guy watching over the wall was Gary.

The fact that Gary was watching me getting fucked up the arse in a public toilet really turned me on. The guy fucking me was close now and it was not too long before he filled the condom in my arse and pulled out.

When he left I looked up and motioned to Gary to come and join me. I sat down on the toilet as Gary unzipped his jeans. I had always thought Gary had a big cock and when he pulled it out I was not disappointed.

His cock was long and thick and I wasted no time in taking it into my mouth. He closed his eyes and sighed as I sucked him and after a while I sensed he was getting close.

I stood up and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He nodded and I turned round and bent over the toilet, more turned on than I had been in a long time.

I was still lubed up from the previous guy and I knew instinctively that Gary was going to fuck me without a condom.

Sure enough I felt the head of his bare cock pushing into my arse. I reached round and pulled my cheeks apart and soon he was right up me.

He gave me a moment to get used to his cock and then he began to fuck me. He was a brilliant fuck - he started off slowly and then built up and soon he was fucking me hard up the arse.

He took hold of my hips and began to fuck me really hard and after about ten or twelve more thrusts he pushed his big cock right up me and held it there and I knew he was cumming deep in my arse.

I had never imagined for a moment when I saw Gary the night before with his wife and kids that less than 24 hours later I would be bent over a toilet taking his bare cock up my arse and I shot a massive load as he pumped his cum into me.

He pulled out of me and mopped his brow with his T shirt. He grinned at me and then pulled up his pants and trousers and left the cubicle.

I was really turned on by the whole situation - especially as he had no idea that I knew who he was. I had let another guy fuck me bareback and cum in my arse and enjoyed every minute of it.

I knew I would only be a matter of time before I did it again. One afternoon I was in Glasgow visiting family and I decided to visit a park in the north of the city that I frequented in my student days.

At that time the park had a very active public toilet and a very dense area of bushes and trees where a lot of cruising went on during the day.

I was not surprised to find the toilet closed but I decided to check out the wooded area at the top of the park.

As I walked up the hill a young blond lad passed me on a bike. He was wearing a sports top and shorts and looked no more than eighteen or nineteen.

We cruised each other and soon he was down sucking my cock. I sucked him for a while and then turned him round and licked his arse.

After a while I stood up and rubbed the head of my cock over his arsehole. Until recently I would have used a condom but I had no intention of using one this time and I pushed my cock right up him and began to fuck.

I knew we were taking a risk fucking in the park in the middle of the afternoon so I fucked him quickly up against a tree and shot my load right up his unprotected arse.

When I pulled out he bent down to pull up his pants and some cum slid out of his hole. I was now starting to initiate unprotected sex and I was surprised at how many guys were up for it, despite the safe sex message being so dominant.

Around this time I had a threesome with a couple I met in a bar in north London. I liked them both - John was tall and thin and Mark was a few years younger, a bit chunkier and had an amazingly fit arse.

I went home with them and they both fucked me - they had made it clear they always used condoms and I knew there would be no point in asking if they wanted to do it bare.

A couple of weeks later I ran into Mark in town one Saturday afternoon. He was on his own as John was at work.

We went for a drink and then I asked him if he wanted to come back to my flat. He was up for it and soon we were back at my flat.

I found Mark really attractive and was really turned on as we kissed, sucked and rimmed each other. Mark wanted to fuck me again and asked me if I had a condom.

I said yes but he could fuck me without a condom if he wanted and his eyes lit up. I lubed myself up and Mark pushed his cock up me and began to fuck me.

I enjoyed him fucking me when we had the threesome but this time both he and I were much more into it. He was quite vocal this time, telling me how good it felt fucking my arse and how he was going to shoot his load right up me.

I told him to go for it and he began to fuck me harder, After a while he groaned and told me was cumming in my arse and I actually felt his load pumping in to me.

I took hold of my cock and began to wank but stopped me and told me to wait. We laid together for a while and then he leaned forward and kissed me.

He knelt up on the bed and I pushed my tongue up his fit arse. His arse was quite smooth but he had a lovely tight hairy arse hole. I could hardly believe I was going to get the chance to fuck Mark without a condom but he took my bare cock up his arse happily and I enjoyed every minute of fucking him and shooting my load right up him.

Mark and I met up a few more times for some horny unprotected sex with his boyfriend none the wiser. I had my next experience with a guy I thought was totally straight shortly after that.

I was in Germany staying with some straight friends and when I got there one of my friends said her cousin had asked to stay for a few days at short notice.

She had explained that I was in the spare room but he was quite happy to sleep on a mattress on the floor of the study.

Tomas arrived the second night I was there. He was from what had formerly been East Germany worked in a large factory in the north East of the country.

At this time the wall had only been down for about six years and everything was changing - and there was a lot of uncertainty.

I liked Tomas a lot - he was friendly and had a great sense of humour and we got on very well. He was dark haired, quite small and very muscly and - I thought - very straight.

He was married with two young sons and he proudly showed us pictures of them. My friends were both at work and Tomas arrived back shortly after I did.

He made us some tea and we chatted for a while. His English was very good and he was really easy to talk to. He was asking me about my life and I was getting a feeling again that he was interested in me but I told myself that I must be misreading the situation.

I had been in town all morning and decided to go for a shower. When I came out of the shower, Tomas had made me another drink and he brought it to me in my room.

I was only wearing a towel and I knew that I was not mistaken - he was definitely checking me out. I was getting a bit of a semi now and when he said he should go and let me get dressed I said he could stay if he liked

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tank tommy - not despond!

In einem Brief vom 7. Dieser Inhalt ist unter einer Creative Commons-Lizenz lizenziert. Einstweiliger Rechtsschutz gegen den Abbruch, den ich bei den Strafvollstreckungskammer beantragte, blieb erfolglos. Warum so wenig Solidarität? Bevor das Gericht eine Entscheidung traf, musste der Gefangene Untätigkeitsklage gegen die Anstalt erheben, da diese seinen Antrag einfach nicht bearbeitete. Dass mehrere ganz legale Publikationen, wie das Gefangeninfo in seiner Zelle beschlagnahmt wurde, aber auch der Direct-Action-Kalender, wie Tank in dem ersten veröffentlichten Brief siehe Link schreibt. Wie die örtliche Leipziger Presse während des Prozesses gegen Tank meldete, bestand durchaus die Gefahr, dass er nach einem Schuldspruch in eine geschlossene psychiatrische Klinik eingewiesen wird. Im weiteren legte n die MglerInnen in diesem Schreiben vom

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Political Prisoners zufolge ist Tommys Anschrigt: In der Ausgabe vom Dienstag, den 4. Bei der Strafvollstreckungskammer war ein Antrag auf Aussetzung im Eilrechtsschutz erfolglos, wogegen ich Verfassungsbeschwerde erhob. Es gibt bisher wenig Solidarität. Ein anderer Gefangener wandte sich danach ebenfalls an das Gericht, nachdem die Anstalt seinen Antrag auf Nachzahlung der entgangenen Ausbildungsbeihilfe erst nicht beschied, ja sogar behauptete, ein solcher Antrag wäre nicht auffindbar. Nach der Rechtsprechung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts besteht bei schwerwiegenden bzw. Tommy Tank ist einer von uns!!!

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